about me

  • Hired with my current employer in 1992 as Apprentice Assistant, then received 3 promotions:
  1. Art Assistant
  2. Assistant Art Director
  3. current position Art/Production Manager
  • 2011 - Web Design, Associate in Arts
    2004 - Graphic Design, Bachelor of Fine Arts

  • II Blend creative & business-minded objectives into each design
  • I design with Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash and InDesign. I code sites with HTML and CSS, using a little of JavaScript, ActionScript and jQuery
  • Digital video edting and photography knowledge

My process

My process icons
Develop a thorough understanding of the client, project, audience, and objectives.
Present designs that reflect the objectives and outline the final project. Implement and develop designs into functional prototypes.
Review and prepare final product. Test, finalize, launch, and deliver.

My inspiration

Inspiration can come from anywhere at anytime. Some of the strangest times perhaps. My inspiration comes from many resources but here is a list of several sites that I visit frequently.
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